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01/01/70 1:00am -

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Fighting the Fairytale is Jennifer's first full album of original songs, released on her own label, Little Me Records.

It represents the culmination of a lifetime of musical passion - Jennifer began writing songs at the age of ten and made her first professional recording in 1989. Since that time, she has made a sequence of demo recordings but the projects and collaborations she began had never come to fruition - until now.

Realising the work involved, Jennifer launched into self-production of her album, coordinating rehearsals and studio time, make-up artists, stylists and photographers, locations for her cover art and promotional shoots, and learning the technical skills taken to record her own vocals at home.

The task was daunting at the outset and difficult at times throughout the production process, but with a support network of musician friends and family - rather than a record label and PR team - Jennifer created a highly personal collection of tracks that tell her life story so far.

She calls Fighting the Fairytale "my album", and her personal touches are as clear throughout each song as her flawless vocals are. From tales of childhood grazed elbows, to grown-up love songs written for her husband, this is an album about coming of age - and it's a coming-of-age process in itself.

Fighting the Fairytale is about setting other people's rules to one side, and living life on your own terms. It's not about seeking perfection, or regretting missed opportunities. And yet, in producing her playlist of glimpses into her past and present, Jennifer has both created a platform on which to build her future as a professional musician, and achieved a happy-ever-after dream of her own.

Fighting the Fairytale Fighting The Fairytale - Jennifer Sawdon

This is the full track listing for the album, click on the iTunes link to listen and buy

1. Designed By MeDesigned By Me - Fighting The Fairytale

2. FreezeFreeze - Fighting The Fairytale

3. A Little Bit Of RainA Little Bit Of Rain - Fighting The Fairytale

4. She Wants To FlyShe Wants To Fly - Fighting The Fairytale

5. NothingNothing - Fighting The Fairytale

6. ColoursColours - Fighting The Fairytale

7. FairytaleFairytale - Fighting The Fairytale

8. EchoesEchoes - Fighting The Fairytale

9. ResurrectionResurrection - Fighting The Fairytale

10. If I Missed YouIf I Missed You - Fighting The Fairytale

11. What You Doing Here?What You Doing Here? - Fighting The Fairytale

12. Without The KingWithout The King - Fighting The Fairytale

13. The DoctorThe Doctor - Fighting The Fairytale